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Stretching ninety miles along Alaska’s Inside Passage, the Lynn Canal is North America’s deepest fjord. It’s waters were the lifeblood of the Klondike Gold Rush, and now offer a window into the wild that defines Alaska. The Lynn Canal also ties the people of Alaska’s “Southeast” together. It is their highway. Read more

Southeast Alaska Mountain Fair

Thanks to those who helped (Alaska Mountain Guides!) pass out “Blue Highway” DVD’s at the Southeast Alaska Mountain Fair in Haines!


Glossed-over Juneau access road options

Juneau Empire
Letter to the editor

In all the opinions proposed on road access up Lynn Canal, there is one possibility that has been glossed over and another not even mentioned, or at least I haven’t seen it. Read more

Juneau Road project moves into new realm

50-mile road designated a ‘mega-project’; cost estimate from highway agency at $491 million

New cost estimates boosting the Juneau Access Project to half a billion dollars has moved the road into the realm of “mega-projects,” a designation bringing with it new federal regulations.

A Federal Highway analysis of the 50.8 mile road up the east side of Lynn Canal is estimated to cost $491 million to complete, according to a Federal Highway Administration agency. So far $25 million has been spent. Read more

Juneau road project to cost nearly half a billion

Alaska Channel 2 News staff
Thursday, July 9, 2009

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Juneau road project will cost the state nearly half a billion dollars. Read more

Common sense says build the road

Letter to the editor
Juneau Empire

To date, every single problematic aspect of building the Juneau access road has a sound and valid solution to it. Read more

Blue Highway Screening Interviews

Juneau Access or Juneau Excess?

The Governor of Alaska has asked Congress for nearly $300 million dollars to build the Juneau Access Road. This costly and controversial project would require removal of miles of pristine coastline along the Inside Passage’s Lynn Canal, the longest and deepest fjord in North America. Taxpayers for Commonsense, in its report, Roads to Ruin, call this road one of the “biggest transportation boondoggles in the country”. Read more

Interview with Senator Kim Elton

Despite Alaska’s size, politics in the state almost always feels like small-town politics. When it comes to the debate over the proposed Lynn Canal road, some politicians always seem to be at the center of the argument.

In an exclusive interview from the upcoming film “Blue Highway,” State Senator Kim Elton discusses life in Alaska’s “southeast,” the fight over the proposed “Juneau Road,” and the changes it could bring to the region.

Interview with Dick Knapp

The battle over the Lynn Canal and the proposed “Juneau Road” has galvanized communities throughout Alaska’s “southeast.” Leading the charge in support of the road has been Citizens Pro-Road, a grass-roots group fighting to see the road become reality.

In this exclusive interview from the upcoming documentary “Blue Highway”, Dick Knapp, head of Citizens Pro-Road, discusses the arguments for and against the “Juneau Access Road.”